Hydrotherapy: Warming Socks Treatment

This treatment can be used to increase the vital force, improve the function of the immune system and increase overall energy. It can also be used for relaxation and for treatment of headache, insomnia, acute colds and flu. The Warming Socks treatment works by challenging the circulation of blood, lymph and energy to heat up the feet cyclically, throughout the night while you sleep.

The procedure is simple. All you need is a pair of white cotton socks and a pair of thick wool socks. Make sure neither pair is too tight.

When you are ready to go to bed for the night, place the cotton socks in a bowl of ice water. Warm your feet in a sink, bowl or tub full of hot water. Once your feet are very warm (about five minutes), dry them quickly. Wring the cotton socks out thoroughly and put them on your feet. Put the dry wool socks on over them and go directly to bed. It is important not to get chilled once the cold socks are on your feet.

The socks will be dry in the morning, except possibly around the bony part of the ankles.

For building vitality, restoring normal diurnal adrenal cycle, or improving immune function: do the treatment 3-5 times a week for 15-20 treatments. You should feel a big increase in your sense of well-being and vitality at some point, usually around 15 treatments.

For insomnia or headache: do the treatment as needed.

For colds and flu, do the treatment at the first sign of infection, and continue each night for 3-5 nights.

Don’t use for pneumonia or asthma unless you are specifically directed to do so by your doctor.

Karen Coshow