When Should I Call the Doctor?


In any situation that is life-threatening (or that you think may be life-threatening), call 911.  This includes possible heart attack or stroke, involving loss of consciousness or marked bleeding, and potentially severe neck or back injuries (falls, auto accidents), difficulty breathing and severe allergic reactions.

 Urgent Health Problems*

An urgent health problem is one that cannot wait until the next business day without the potential for serious health consequences for the patient. This includes severe abdominal pain, high fever in an adult, fever that doesn’t respond to antipyretics in children, bloody diarrhea, red and swollen joints, severe lacerations and animal or human bites.  Call the office during business hours or Dr. Coshow’s cell phone after hours.

 Non-Urgent Health Problems

If you have a cold, fever, persistent diarrhea, a rash, urinary symptoms, vaginal discharge, headache, sore throat, cough, back pain or any chronic signs or symptoms that you want to address, give the office a call to schedule an appointment during regular business hours.

*Note: Do not text Dr. Coshow with an urgent medical problem.  Please call.


Karen Coshow