Helpful Hints and Simple Home Remedies - Injuries

I injured myself!

For sprains, strains and bruises:

¨ Homeopathic arnica (30c or higher), one dose three times a day for one to three days. Arnica is helpful for reducing swelling and pain, and can also be used in cases of emotional shock.  Place 3-5 large pellets or 10 small pellets under your tongue and allow them to dissolve.

¨ Rest and elevate injured area.

¨ Apply ice to sprains and strains for 20 minutes three times a day to reduce pain and swelling.

¨ Apply Traumeel cream to the injured area twice a day.


For Cuts:

¨ You should have a tetanus shot every 10 years.  If it’s been more than 10 years since your last tetanus shot, get a booster as soon as possible.

¨ Cleanse a cut with warm running water for several minutes as soon as possible after the injury.  Apply direct pressure with a clean cloth to stop the bleeding.  Cuts that are deep won’t stop bleeding and may need suturing, which should be done within 4-6 hours of the injury.

¨ Apply a butterfly bandage if the edges of the cut are not touching, or a regular bandage if they are.  Keep covered until a scab forms (usually a day or two).

¨ Increased redness with pain, swelling, pus formation and/or fever are signs of infection.  Call the doctor.


For Head Injuries

¨ If there is loss of consciousness, seek emergency care

¨ Minor head injuries can be managed by taking arnica as noted above, ibuprofen to manage pain, and monitoring for signs of complications (persistent vomiting, change in level of consciousness or increasing pain).


Karen Coshow